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Villa Colombo Vaughan

Description: This 160-bed long-term care residence is in the historical town of Kleinburg in the Humber River Valley. It’s setting presented a strong influence in the design as well as the clients’ desire for a residential lodge type setting. A prominent feature of the home is its two-storey atrium with timber tree-like supports.

The residence incorporates numerous sustainable initiatives. It utilizes a natural gas fueled co-generation unit, which is 78% efficient, allowing the facility to run off-grid, producing its own electricity.
Additional sustainable measures include the use of a timber structure and a cedar shingle roof from farmed forest products. Furthermore, solar screening devices, hydronic radiant floor heating, low VOC producing materials, and a storm water retention system for irrigation were also utilized.

Contact: Villa Charities

Year Completed: 2007

Location: Kleinburg, ON

Units: 160-unit Long-Term Care Residence

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